Training and Assessment Courses - Volume of Learning Information

This information is intended for learning looking to undertake the Training and Assessment courses offered and contains important details relating to the expected volume of learning.

Volume of Learning

Volume of learning is the calculation of the amount of time that an average, inexperienced student may take to complete a qualification.

Supported distance learning: (Full TAE40116)

This program is suitable for those who are self-directed learners, or who are employed in a VET learning, industry training, or learning and development environment where they are able to integrate what they learn into professional practice. All distance learners have the option of attending access learning sessions in the face to face program on an ‘as needed’ basis.
Supported Distance Learning:
▪ 300 hours supported personal study
▪ 150 hours workplace projects
▪ 150 hours self-paced learning (directed and supported research)
▪ 275 hours assessment
▪ Total amount of training – 600 hours
▪ Total hours (VOL) – 875 hours
▪ Duration – 6-12 months (Time allowed to complete all activities).

Course duration

Learners will take, on average, two weeks to complete each Study Topic over a course duration of six months (26 weeks minimum for those with no prior training, learning and development experience). Learners with no prior training experience may require longer to complete and this may be extended to a year. Learnings who offer RPL and workplace experience at time of enrolment are assessed for required amount of learning).

If you have any questions regarding the volume of learning required for any of our Training and Assessment courses please contact us by filling our an enquiry form.

Training and Assessment courses delivered in partnership and under the ausipce of Healthy Business Training Academy 30831

Cameron Smith